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a black & white kind of day

So far this year the weather has been pretty poor with a lot of cloudy overcast days - not at all good for taking photos. Whilst we don't expect blue skies every day some contrast would be good instead of the grey blanket we seem to be permanently under currently.

Notwithstanding another grey overcast day we decided to do a loop of the village and use that evergreen fallback of shooting in black and white - always a great stand-in when the weather isn't playing ball.

It is amazing how you can use black and white to boost the greyest of scenes and add some real depth and texture to what would otherwise be washed out photos.

We did a quick tour of St Wilfrid's stunning graveyard with some headstones showing dates way back into the 1700's and we think that for this type of photography it's black and white all the way.



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