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We started Married With Grown ups what feels like a lifetime ago in 2016 when we had both turned 50, our two children, Lucy and Adam had both moved out and as a treat we took our first 'big' holiday away on our own for a number of years by going to Scotland. Viv found something called the North Coast 500 that had just been launched and which sounded perfect for us. 

We'd always liked photography so the mix that summer of wild spaces, great landscapes and, yes, a chunk of time just with each other sparked something.

That autumn we started posting our photos on Instagram, set up the first website and started photographing our days out, family times, holidays, walks etc. Our aims then and still are about just showing people what we do, not meant to 'influence' or lecture people, just a bit of fun two 50+ people can get up to and share it through our photos.

Time obviously moves on and we're now nearer to 60 than 50!  We have 3 grandchildren now, Harley who was born in 2020 and Jack and Tommy - twins born in 2022 - now there's a handful! We've lost some very dearly loved people too who we think about all the time. But life goes on and so do we. We are a bit older, certainly not wiser and still looking for something to do with the thousands of photos we take!

The founders of Married With Grown Ups, Chris and Viv on a beach in Scotland
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