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In the never ending quest to make our garden beautiful and very low maintenance it's undergone a bit of a transformation!

Railway sleepers to keep those plants and weeds contained, no grass as neither of us have time to mow it and pots, lots and lots of pots! It looked very bleak when we started! We took a lot of very overgrown things out.

Now being avid Bargain Hunt fans we love to visit our local antiques centre, which often features on the show - Bygone Times in Eccleston. We decided to go along and see if there was anything in a state of disrepair that we could reuse in our garden and fill with beauty. We weren't disappointed! We looked for things which were at the end of their lives - pots with big holes, rusty kitchen items anything really which needed a home. We almost bought a pair of vintage glam rock sparkling boots with one missing it's heel, but we couldn't find a price on those and, just like Bargain Hunt, we had run out of time!

After several visits we now have quite a collection of garden oddities filled with colourful bedding plants. We've had a few problems - trying to drill through cast iron pans is very entertaining! We have the usual items you'd probably expect - buckets, teapots, pans etc - plus some more unusual things and some we're not even sure what they are!

Have we a favourite? Well we both love the military Ammo box which still has the label of whoever used it and now sits proudly in the garden housing a couple of fuchsias (new ones this year as we managed to kill last years!) Seems fitting that something linked to war and violence now sits in a small garden filled with beautiful flowers.

We also really love the iron although we're not sure what it was used for - it also has a pretty lethal lid so if you ever visit our garden watch your fingers! I worry for the plants if the wind blows - it even looks like it has teeth!

And just to finish off our collection of the weird and wonderful all being given an extra lease of life in the garden what do you think of our once leather armchair? Past it's best and too big for the house we couldn't even give it away, so we've stripped it down, given it a lick of paint and a psychedelic theme and it's become an eyecatching feature in the garden. Haven't got the right plants for it yet we think it needs some grasses or something? Any ideas drop us a message!

So there's no pristine garden behind our house just a rambling mess of wild plants, weird pots and a big pink armchair! We love it!



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