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it was all yellow...

Well, there are certain times of the year us photographers love - poppy fields, spring flowers, bluebells and of course don't forget sunrise and sunset anytime of the year over anything spectacular! Sadly we usually see them over next doors fence which doesn't make the best photo!! Anyway, here we are in May and the local fields are full of acres of beautiful yellow rapeseed flowers. Time to get the cameras out and give it a go! Now I am sure there is some farming reason for this, but the yellow fields move around each year. Last year we were blessed by blue skies and beautiful views of the Pennines and Winter Hill and our local village - very photogenic... yesterday off we set on a rapeseed field hunt - clouds were grey, rain in the air and a little chilly (doesn't this seem to have been all year so far?). We had a rough idea where this year's crops were hiding as the yellow stands out so much you can see from the distance and we were very pleasantly surprised to find our choice of walks was completely surrounded by fields and field of yellow.

Fields and fields of yellow and the most spectacularly moody skies - turned out to be a great photography morning.

Just in case you fancy going we walked into Thompson House, Pepper Lane, Standish and took the path round the back of the solar farm. Not only fields of yellow there's horses, the solar farm, farmers field, lots of birds- oh and due to the proximity of the M6 you can even catch the odd lorry speeding past! Now if only I knew why I seem to have hayfever this morning??



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