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the not so humble brick

We're often amazed at where people find beauty - it could be glorious sunsets over the ocean, mountains, lush green landscapes or something more mundane and not worth a second glance like ohh a brick maybe?

Before you think we've gone completely crazy please bear with us.

You'll have seen on our other posts about our recent trip to Crosby beach and the magnificent 'Another Place' installation by Antony Gormley. Our real purpose for the visit was to take a walk along the rubble beach made up of the rubble from nearby Liverpool and the bombed out buildings destroyed in the Blitz in 1940 and 41. This isn't going into that in too many details there's another post for that (read here) but the effects of the sea and tide over 80+ years has created a unique landscape - man made but now gradually becoming naturalised and shaped by the elements.

Just as fascinating as the shapes on view are the makers names that plot out the history of where the bricks were from originally. The photo below shows one from the Hapton works in Accrington that were closed down in 1902. With years of erosion it looks a far cry from the sharp angled familiar shape of a housebrick.

It isn't just housebricks either - the photo below shows an Aztex firebrick probably used in someone's fireplace now part of the huge swathe of rubble and masonry on this fascinating shoreline.

All shapes and sizes and all with a story to tell, a place that's poignant and also completely fascinating that's prompted us to do some more research into the history of the place and what you find there. It's also somewhere that, despite temptation is most definitely a place we should leave as we found it for nature to continue to do what it does.



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