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Now, I don't know if this has been a result of Covid lockdowns, losing parents, strikes, the weather... not sure but we both have been feeling that our photo mojo upped and went away some time ago. Covid shrank the world and it doesn't feel like ours is back to the way it was yet. How about you?

Our weekends used to be travelling about all over the North West, and sometimes a bit further, walking about, taking photos, sharing them and hoping to show people places they might not normally consider going. Bury, Bolton, Salford - just to name a few. We loved jumping on the train and heading down to London just to take photos, but we haven't done any of that for a while now either. Photoapathy - a brand new word!

So, in order to try and 'encourage' ourselves to get out, we made a decision on New Year's Day to pick a local place and try to capture it every day in 2023.

Now, as there are two of us, we ended up with two places - both in our local churchyard, both views of the church and crucially both within a few minutes walk of our house.

Our 2023 subject is the wonderful 13th century St Wilfrid's Parish Church here in Standish. We each chose a place to stand to give you a taste of the different views of the church and as at today's date we haven't missed a photo! Clever when we actually had a holiday in February!

St Wilfrid's Parish Church, Standish January 1st 2023

All photos are taken on our mobile phones - some days we both do them, some days one person takes both, some are in the morning, some afternoon and as we're now in March we've even managed an early evening shot! The

y are all completely unfiltered and an honest depiction of that day's weather at that time.

Is it working? There have been days when it has felt like a real bind having to go and take the photos particularly if you're not feeling well or its a day when the Grandkids are here, but it gives you a reason every day to get out the house and always ends up part of a longer walk around the village and beyond.

What it has shown is that early 2023 has been a very grey and dull month. So many days of grey, soulless skies, but thankfully the very occasional excitement of snow, frost and a sunrise or two! March has seen the emergence of spring flowers, which thankfully the church has an abundance of, and hopefully as the months progress we will see the trees come back to life, blossom, greenery and then as autumn arrives hopefully some spectacular leaves before winter arrives once more.

We hope you come along and share this trip through the seasons. We're already planning next years 'spot'!



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